Learning Pathways

Learning Pathways are a means to link together certain linked areas of content and present them in a way that enables you as HPA Members to easily develop a particular topic, skill or area of knowledge, with a clear outcome.   All the content exists independently under the relevant category heading in the Learn Library, but the pathways present it in manageable portions, with a well defined theme or area of interest.  Working through a Learning Pathway should be like a mini adventure, as we lead you through all of the great content that is available and helping you to improve in your chosen profession.

How to develop good relationships with clients

Letting a contract

How to begin a supply market analysis

Why do we need a risk management process?

Which are the main risks that procurement professionals face?

Tools for understanding risks in the supply market

Introduction to contract management

Understanding the regulatory environment

An introduction to procurement governance

How important are good specifications

An introduction to terms and conditions of contract

How do we achieve value for money in procurement activities

What are the key elements of the negotiation process

Issues to consider when researching the medical equipment supply market

Why does procurement need legislation and codes of conduct

How does procurement contribute to global sustainability

Why is stakeholder management beneficial for procurement professionals

What are SLAs and KPIS and how do we use them

Examples of contract management operations

How do we manage supplier relationships

How to improve supplier performance

Some aspects of healthcare procurement in practice

Persuasion techniques - what are they and when do we use them

Developing procurement skills

How critical is emotional intelligence in procurement

The role of leadership in the performance of the procurement function

Skills that may benefit procurement professionals in fulfilling operational responsibilities

Sourcing operations - indicative examples

Why an ethical approach is a critical component of procurement practice

What are the key factors in ethical sourcing

How procurement professionals can effectively guard ethical standards

How to deliver social value through procurement

Sustainability is increasingly recognised as an important attribute of procurement