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Your personal and organisational development in health procurement is our priority. HPA is a learning network of health procurement professionals, who use our extensive learn library and share knowledge, to work towards the most efficient, ethical procurement practices. By raising the standards of the procurement of medical supplies across Africa, together we can improve health and save lives.

How your HPA community began

Our learning network is a not for profit community supported by CIPS, the world’s largest professional body dedicated to procurement and supply.

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If you are a healthcare procurement professional working in Africa, join our community to learn, share ideas and best practice and meet other professionals.

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How your HPA community benefits you

The extensive benefits of your free membership to HPA are all around three exciting key areas: to engage with, to help you elevate your knowledge and connect with fellow members.
Here to support your learning, we have Community Managers working in three countries - Chukwudi Uche in Nigeria and Josephat Ngesah in Kenya. You can reach out to them directly or via the Communities part of the HPA site once you have joined.

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