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A Milestone for Healthcare in Kano State - insights from the diagnostic exercise in Kano State


In late November 2023, the Kano State Drugs and Medical Consumables Supply Agency (DMCSA) and the State Ministry of Health witnessed a groundbreaking event that could reshape the healthcare procurement landscape in Nigeria. Our team embarked on a  procurement diagnostic mission in Kano State. This initiative, focusing on pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, and equipment, was not just an exercise but a step towards a transformative future in healthcare procurement.

The heart of this exercise lay in the in-depth interviews with key stakeholders at the DMCSA and the State Ministry of Health. These stakeholders, including directors, heads of departments, and chief accountants, play important roles in the procurement of essential medical resources. Their insights shed light on various facets of the current procurement process, uncovering both strengths and areas ripe for improvement.

Beyond conversations, our team explored core documents relevant to health procurement. This thorough review was instrumental in identifying gaps and inefficiencies within the existing system. It was a meticulous process, examining the fine details that often go unnoticed but are crucial for systemic improvement.

This exercise was not just about finding faults but also about building bridges. The overwhelming support and collaboration from various departments and committees of the DMCSA and the State Ministry of Health were invaluable. It demonstrated a unified commitment to enhancing healthcare procurement in the state.

The success of this mission was largely due to the contributions of key individuals:

  • Kano State Drugs and Medical Consumables Supply Agency (DMCSA)

    • Pharm. Gali Sule (FPSN), Director General
    • Pharm. Tukur Ibrahim, Director of Drugs and Supplies
    • Pharm. Ahmad Bala Ulgini, Director of Admin, Finance and General Services
    • Pharm. Aminu Datti Bello, Head of Drugs
    • Mr. Muktar Salisu Aliyu, Chief Accountant
    • Mrs. Hadiza Ado Mohammad, Head of Internal Control
  • Kano State Ministry of Health

    • Pharm. Kamilu Mudi, Director of Pharmaceutical Services
    • Pharm. Jibrin Habu, Director of Planning, Research, and Statistics
    • Pharm. Tijjani Abubakar Kilishi, Deputy Director of Planning

The insights and data gathered from this diagnostic exercise are the foundation for the next steps. Identifying gaps is one thing; prioritising improvements to address them is another. This initiative marks the beginning of a journey toward streamlined, efficient, and effective health procurement processes in Kano State, potentially setting a precedent for other states in Nigeria.

Our team remains committed in our mission to revolutionise healthcare procurement in Nigeria. This exercise in Kano State is a testament to our dedication and a beacon of hope for the future of healthcare services in the region.

As we reflect on the accomplishments of this exercise, we look forward to the changes it will bring. The journey to improve healthcare procurement in Nigeria continues, with the Kano State exercise paving the way for a brighter, healthier future. 

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