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Addressing the Critical Supply Chain Management Skills Gap in Africa's Healthcare Sector


Ethiopia Selection Test

The challenge of ensuring equitable access to healthcare and essential medicines in Africa is monumental. A significant barrier impeding the distribution of healthcare services and medical supplies across the continent is the glaring supply chain management skills gap. More than half of Africa's population struggles to access essential medicines, a situation exacerbated by inefficiencies and inadequacies in supply chain systems. Our organization is at the forefront of tackling this critical issue, with our current focus being on Ethiopia, a nation striving to enhance its healthcare delivery systems.

In Ethiopia, a country marked by its vibrant culture and rich history, our team is taking concrete steps to bridge the skills gap in supply chain management. We are currently conducting a rigorous selection test for the Ethiopian Pharmaceuticals Supply Service (EPSS) team. This initiative is part of our broader mission to elevate supply chain management practices within the country's healthcare sector, thereby ensuring that medical supplies reach those in dire need timely and efficiently.

Building a Professional Supply Chain Workforce

Our mission transcends beyond immediate interventions; we aim to cultivate a professional supply chain workforce equipped with the knowledge and skills to tackle the prevailing challenges. The successful candidates from our selection process in Ethiopia will join our prestigious Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS) workforce development program. This not only marks a significant milestone in their professional careers but also contributes to the larger vision of achieving universal health coverage in Africa.

Under our full sponsorship, these candidates will undertake the CIPS qualification program, an esteemed certification in the field of procurement and supply chain management. This opportunity is transformative, not just for the individuals but for the communities they will serve, as it enhances the efficiency, reliability, and sustainability of healthcare supply chains.

The path to a healthier future for all in Africa is paved with challenges, yet filled with immense potential. The critical shortage of skilled supply chain professionals in the healthcare sector is a significant impediment, but it is one that we are determined to overcome. By professionalizing procurement teams and enhancing supply chain competencies, we can ensure the availability and accessibility of medical supplies, a fundamental component of universal health coverage.

We invite you to join us in this vital journey. Your support, whether through partnership, sponsorship, or advocacy, can make a profound difference. Together, we can transform the landscape of healthcare in Africa, ensuring that every individual, regardless of where they live, has access to the essential medicines and healthcare services they deserve.

In a world where healthcare inequalities continue to persist, let us be the beacon of hope and change. Let's unite in our mission to develop a professional supply chain workforce capable of overcoming the hurdles that stand in the way of universal health coverage. Join us in our commitment to ensuring a healthier future for all.


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