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Charting the Course for Revolutionary Healthcare Procurement in Africa


It’s been an eventful period for our Kenya team at Health Procurement Africa, as we recently concluded an exciting 3-day workshop with the staff of Nakuru County's procurement department. Under the proficient leadership of Jane Mwangi, and Maurine Shivachi, our team embarked on a transformative journey, navigating the complexities of procurement strategies to elevate the healthcare sector to new heights.

The focus of the workshop was to develop a robust strategy from a scratch. Employing a suite of analytical tools like SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis, PESTEL (Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental, and Legal) analysis, and Porter's 5 Forces analysis, we delved deep into the fabric of healthcare procurement. Our approach was not just about understanding the current landscape but reshaping it, strategizing with precision and foresight to promote success that is not just immediate but sustainable.

However, our workshop went beyond mere strategy. We also went into developing the county's identity, defining a clear vision, mission, goals, objectives, and values. This exercise was not just about setting targets; it was about laying a resilient foundation, a shared ethos that will steer our collective efforts towards making a tangible, positive difference in healthcare procurement.

The excitement in the air is tangible as we gear up for the next phase of our journey. The devised strategy when ready will be presented to the Nakuru County Senior Management. This presentation is more than just a procedural step; it's a moment of truth where our collaborative efforts and innovative ideas meet the wisdom and experience of the county’s seasoned leaders. It’s an opportunity to align our vision with the broader objectives of the county and to secure the endorsement that will catapult our plans into action.

As we stand at this important juncture, we are reminded of the larger mission that fuels our efforts: improving healthcare procurement across Africa. Our journey is more than a series of workshops or meetings; it’s a commitment to enhancing the healthcare landscape, ensuring that every decision, every strategy, and every innovation brings us closer to a continent where quality healthcare is not just an ideal but a reality.

Join us as we continue to make strides in this noble pursuit. Together, we will define the future of healthcare procurement in Africa. 


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