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Enhancing Community Health: A Report from Isiolo's HPTU Meeting


Isiolo Quarterly HPTU Meeting


The past few days, our team has been in Isiolo County, for an essential assembly that is set to redefine the landscape of health product and technology distribution. Our Procurement Expert, Maurine Shivachi, is representing our organization Health Procurement Africa at the county’s quarterly Health Products and Technology Units (HPTU) performance and data review meeting. This important event is concentrated on tackling emerging supply chain challenges and ensuring that HPTU's strategies are finely tuned to meet the evolving needs of the local community.

The core agenda of the meeting is a sensitization session aimed at key officials, shedding light on the critical Forecasting and Quantification report. This report is instrumental in guiding the procurement and distribution of health products, ensuring that the community has access to the necessary health technologies and products without unnecessary delays or shortages.


The assembly is also dedicating time to review presentations from various sub-county teams, an initiative that highlights the collaborative spirit of the region’s healthcare framework. By rationalizing orders, the meeting aims to streamline processes and improve efficiency across the board. The ultimate goal is ambitious yet vital: to secure the support and input from all stakeholders to enhance budget allocation and absorption for HPTU, ensuring that resources are utilized in the most effective manner.

In attendance, alongside our representative, are the county HPTU team, the county Chief Officer of Public Health, and our partners from ThinkWell and inSupply Health. This gathering of minds underscores the commitment from various sectors to improve health outcomes in the region.


A highlight of the meeting was the acknowledgment by Deputy Governor Dr. James Lowasa and Chief Officer Public Health Mrs. Bisharo Hassan Duba of the paramount importance of advocating for increased health budget allocation. This advocacy is anchored in the forecasted and quantified data presented, demonstrating a data-driven approach to policy and decision-making. Their commitment to sharing this vital information with the Executive for further action marks a significant step forward in aligning health initiatives with the actual needs of the community.

The implications of this meeting are far-reaching. By focusing on data-driven strategies and fostering collaboration across different sectors, Isiolo County is setting a precedent for other regions to follow. It is a move towards more transparent, efficient, and effective healthcare provisioning, directly responding to the community's needs.

As we await further developments and outcomes from this meeting, we remain hopeful and inspired. The proactive steps taken by the stakeholders in Isiolo exemplify the collective effort required to advance healthcare and ensure that every member of the community has access to the essential health products and technologies they need. We are proud to have Maurine Shivachi representing our organization in these critical discussions and look forward to contributing further to these important initiatives.

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