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Enhancing Healthcare Delivery: A Benchmarking Journey in Vihiga County


Vihiga Benchmarking

Healthcare systems around the world are constantly evolving, striving to improve the delivery of medical services and the management of health commodities. In this spirit of continuous improvement, Our Kenya Health Procurement Team, along with Dr. Daniel Wainaina, Nakuru’s Director of Medical Services, embarked on a benchmarking visit to Vihiga County.

Vihiga County has garnered attention for its Health Products and Technologies Unit (HPTU), a trailblazer in the realm of health commodity management. The HPTU's establishment is a testament to Vihiga’s commitment to healthcare excellence, evidenced by its dedicated staff and legislative backing within the county’s health system.

During our visit, we were warmly received by Dr. Ben Induswe, Vihiga's Director of Medical Services, who shared valuable insights into the unit's operations and achievements. Their accomplishments include the successful integration of the HPTU into local governance structures, a dedicated team for supportive supervision, and a proactive approach to stock management and client feedback mechanisms.

Our team was particularly keen on understanding the HPTU's strategies in leadership, governance, and commodities finance. The session provided a deep dive into how Vihiga manages to keep its HPTU both innovative and efficient. From piloting end-to-end stock visibility systems to instituting annual recognition events, Vihiga’s approach is multifaceted.

Key takeaways from our visit included the importance of:

  1. Dedicated Leadership: Vihiga’s HPTU is a shining example of what can be achieved with strong leadership and a committed team. Anchoring the unit within the county’s health services act has been a game-changer.

  2. Integrated Support Systems: The integration of supportive supervision and client exit surveys ensures continuous quality improvement in service delivery.

  3. Strategic Planning: The foresight to carry out quantification of HPTs and forecast up to 2025 has positioned Vihiga to proactively manage resources.

  4. Research and Development: Emphasizing operational research and participating in global health supply chain forums has kept Vihiga at the forefront of innovation.

Inspired by Vihiga’s success, the Nakuru team is set to translate these learnings into action. We aim to reinforce the health systems by adopting some of Vihiga’s best practices in commodities management and HPTs governance.

Our benchmarking journey is more than just an exchange of ideas—it is a step towards a collaborative future where counties can learn from each other to enhance the overall quality of healthcare delivery.

As we wrap up our benchmarking visit, we leave Vihiga with a notebook filled with ideas and a commitment to excellence. We extend our gratitude to our hosts and look forward to the positive changes these new strategies will usher in for Nakuru’s healthcare system.

Our collaboration goes beyond improving healthcare in our respective counties; it is about building a stronger, more resilient healthcare infrastructure for Kenya. Join us, as we bring these initiatives to life, ensuring that every citizen has access to the best healthcare services possible. Register at to learn, network with likeminded professionals and grow in your career. 


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