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Health Procurement Africa's Revolutionary Performance Tracking Tool


In the realm of healthcare, the importance of efficient supply chain management for Health Products and Technologies (HPTs) cannot be overstated, particularly in the critical sectors of Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health (RMNCH). Health Procurement Africa (HPA), has recently developed a groundbreaking performance tracking tool that is set to revolutionize the way public healthcare institutions manage their resources and services.

The newly developed tool by HPA is not just a technological advancement; it is a beacon of hope for countless individuals who rely on public healthcare services. This tool is specifically designed to monitor the progress of RMNCH supply chain functions. Its development stems from a deep understanding of the challenges faced in the procurement and distribution of health products and technologies in Kenya and Nigeria.

In a remarkable initiative, HPA collaborated with Nakuru and Laikipia Counties to review key performance indicators (KPIs) that are crucial for enhancing health outcomes. This collaboration focused particularly on maternal and newborn health, areas that are often overlooked but are vital for the well-being of communities.

The review of KPIs was a critical step towards ensuring that the performance tracking tool is not only effective but also relevant to the specific needs of the local health systems. This collaboration highlights HPA's commitment to working closely with local authorities to tailor solutions that are both practical and impactful.

What sets HPA's tool apart is its ability to function effectively at both national and sub-national levels. This multi-level approach ensures that the performance of public healthcare institutions can be monitored comprehensively, leading to more targeted and effective interventions.

The tool's capabilities include:

  1. Enhancing Availability of HPTs: Ensuring that essential health products and technologies are readily available where they are needed most.
  2. Improving Order Fill Rates: Streamlining the process of fulfilling orders for health products, thereby reducing wait times and improving service delivery.
  3. Reducing Stock Wastages: Minimizing wastage of crucial health supplies, a vital step towards cost-effective healthcare management.
  4. Ensuring Timely Deliveries: Guaranteeing that health products are delivered on time and in full, a key factor in maintaining the continuity of care.

The implementation of this tool is expected to have a profound impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare delivery. By closely monitoring and improving various KPIs, public healthcare institutions can significantly enhance their service quality. This, in turn, can lead to better health outcomes, particularly in the critical areas of maternal and newborn health.

HPA's performance tracking tool is more than just a technological innovation; it represents a significant step towards building sustainable and resilient healthcare systems. By providing a robust mechanism for monitoring and improving the supply chain functions of RMNCH, HPA is not only improving current health services but is also paving the way for a healthier future.

Health Procurement Africa's performance tracking tool is a testament to the power of innovative solutions in addressing complex healthcare challenges. Its implementation is set to bring about transformative changes in the way public healthcare institutions operate, ultimately leading to better health outcomes for all, especially in the crucial sectors of reproductive, maternal, newborn, and child health.

Join us and lets walk together in changing healthcare in Africa. 


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