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Strengthening Health Procurement in Kenya: Nakuru County's Path to Excellence


Health Procurement Africa' is committed to strengthening health systems through the Procurement Excellence program.

In the continuous pursuit of healthcare improvement, the role of procurement and supply chain management is often understated. At Health Procurement Africa, we recognize this critical function as the heartbeat of an effective health system. Our Procurement Excellence program is designed to diagnose, design, and deliver strategies that enhance procurement capabilities across counties we partner with in Kenya, Nigeria and Ethiopia.

Our journey in Nakuru County started with a diagnostic approach—evaluating the core capabilities and capacities of the local procurement and supply chain functions. This is not just about identifying shortcomings; it's about uncovering opportunities for growth and optimization. The scope of our diagnostics includes:

  • Production of Policy and Procedure Manuals:  Does the County have the essential documents that serve as the north star for procurement processes.
  • Development of Competency Frameworks & Role Profiles: Has the county aligned skills with the needs of the procurement function.
  • Procurement Organisational Design: Does the County have structured  teams for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Analysis of Sourcing Processes & Projects: Does the County ensure that each step in the sourcing process is robust and value-driven.
  • Process Optimization: Has the County streamlined operations to reduce waste and enhance performance.

Our Procurement experts, Bismack Wasta and Maurine Shivachi, have recently concluded a comprehensive diagnostic exercise in Nakuru County. The process was thorough and collaborative, ensuring that every stakeholder's voice was heard and considered. The result is a draft report tailored for the County Government of Nakuru, offering a clear picture of the current state and charting a course for advancement.

Through our rigorous analysis, Nakuru County's current procurement practices have been scored at 2.5 out of 5. This score reflects the significant room for growth and the potential for impactful improvements through targeted interventions.

Anne Marie, the Supply Chain Management Director for Nakuru County, commented on the plan's potential impact, saying, "it will allow us to improve efficiency and fill the gaps in areas the county is not doing well. It's a strategy to help us, as a department fto align with the counties and other departments plans"

Bismack Wasta from Health Procurement Africa shared his forward-looking vision, "We want to see results, so we will take the least time possible to ensure we are done with the improvement plan so that we can start implementation. We want to see a change, especially in the Health department, to ensure we Improve the availability of medical supplies, reduce turnaround time for a healthier county."

The next phase is critical. It involves working hand-in-hand with county officials to prioritize improvement opportunities. This is where strategy meets action. Our role is to facilitate a bespoke pathway—crafting and implementing strategies, processes, and procedures that resonate with the unique needs of Nakuru County.

Ultimately, our goal is to drive exceptional delivery. Improvement on paper is not enough; we seek tangible change that translates into better health outcomes for the community. Our team is set to support the implementation of these strategies, ensuring that Nakuru County not only meets but exceeds procurement excellence standards.

The work being done in Nakuru is a template for what can be achieved across Kenya and beyond. As we reflect on the successes and learnings from this experience, we remain committed to sharing our journey, hoping to inspire and ignite similar transformations in other regions.

As we continue on this path, we invite you to join us in this narrative of change and progress. Follow our updates, share your thoughts, and be a part of a movement that is reshaping health procurement for a brighter, healthier future

Health Procurement Africa: The center of excellence for public healthcare procurement for a stronger and healthier Africa.


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