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Strengthening Procurement Excellence in Nakuru County for a healthy people



In the heart of Kenya, amidst the bustling life and scenic beauty of the Great Rift Valley, lies Nakuru County, a beacon of progressive health system strengthening, thanks to a collaborative effort aimed at professionalizing procurement. Recently, our team had the honor of meeting with the Deputy Governor of Nakuru County, His Excellency David Kones, marking a significant milestone in our journey.

Led by our  Global team members, Alan Martin and Paula Steele, our diverse and dedicated team made their way to Nakuru County. Accompanying them were our East Africa Program Manager, Esther Njenga, as well as our colleagues Jane Mwangi and Bismack Wasta. The purpose of our visit was to reaffirm our commitment to professionalizing procurement in partnership with the County Government of Nakuru to increase availability of drugs and hence save lives.

Nakuru County holds a vital role in our mission as one of our primary target counties. Our collective efforts have been laser-focused on strengthening the procurement and supply chain mechanisms within the County's Department of Health, fostering a shared vision of efficacy and resilience.

Our involvement in Nakuru County has been multifaceted, encompassing comprehensive training programs and capacity-building initiatives for county procurement and supply professionals. Through this collaborative venture, we have laid the foundation for a robust procurement system that effectively combats wastage and stock-outs, ensuring the efficient delivery of healthcare solutions.

Some of our key achievements in Nakuru County have been our contribution to the operationalization of the Health Products and Technologies Unit (HPTU), a crucial component of the county's health landscape, Workforce development project, our program that is sponsoring 9 procurement and medical staff through the CIPS qualification and a diagnostic exercise that we did in the County with the objective of strengthening Procurement at the County with focus on pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and medical equipment.

During our visit, Deputy Governor Kones expressed his admiration for our team's commitment to instilling best procurement practices in the supply and procurement of health products. However, his commendation did not end there. In a desire to see even more progress, he challenged us to expand our training initiatives to include a greater number of county staff. His emphasis on ethics highlighted the importance of integrity in procurement processes, a principle that resonates deeply with our mission.


The meeting also provided an opportunity for our team to engage with Nakuru County health officials, including Dr. John Murima, Chief Officer for Medical Services, Alice Abuki, Chief Officer for Public Health, County Director of Medical Services Dr. Daniel Wainaina, Dr. Were, the County Pharmacist, and other department officials. This diverse group of healthcare leaders represents the many hands that tirelessly work to shape the health outcomes of Nakuru County's population.

As we look back on this fruitful visit, our determination to foster healthcare procurement excellence is only strengthened. We remain steadfast in our commitment to transforming healthcare procurement one partnership at a time. Through every training session, every strategic development, and every policy enacted, we contribute to a larger vision—a healthier Nakuru County and, ultimately, a healthier Kenya.

We are humbled to be part of this transformative journey. Here's to celebrating more milestones, achieving more collaborative successes, and continuing our partnership in pursuit of a robust health system for all. Together, we are not just building systems; we are building a healthier future. 

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