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Understanding the Requirement: Key to Effective Healthcare Procurement


In the complex web of public healthcare procurement, one concept stands paramount: "Understanding the Requirement." It's not just a phrase, but a critical step in ensuring that procurement processes are not just effective but also impactful.

This September, we are thrilled to open the doors to our latest Ask the Experts webinar that delves into this very topic. This session comes to you on 27th from 1:30 PM WAT or 3:30 PM EAT.

Why is Understanding the Requirement Essential?

Every procurement cycle begins with understanding the requirement. This seemingly simple step has profound implications. It’s akin to setting the foundation stone for a building; if done right, it ensures that everything that follows is robust and aligned with the intended goals. In procurement, it allows managers to:

  • Identify stakeholders: Knowing who has a vested interest in procurement helps streamline the process.
  • Understand the type of procurement: Not every procurement is the same, and understanding its nature can determine its success.
  • Gauge business needs: What does the organization truly require? Are there any specifics or nuances?
  • Specify those needs effectively: It’s one thing to identify a need, and another to articulate it in a way that potential suppliers can understand and act upon.

The emphasis on developing technical skills around this topic is thus not just for improving procurement performance. It’s about ensuring that the procured solutions truly serve the public healthcare domain, ensuring better health outcomes and value for money.


What's in Store at the Webinar?

Our panel of experts for this session comes with a wealth of experience in public healthcare procurement. They will provide:

  • Practical Insights: Learn from real-world examples and case studies that depict the importance of understanding the requirement.
  • Advice & Best Practices: Benefit from tried and tested methods and strategies that have been successful in the public healthcare procurement sector.
  • Interactive Q&A: Have a burning question? This is your chance to get answers straight from the experts.

Whether you’re a seasoned procurement professional or just stepping into the world of public healthcare procurement, this webinar promises to be an enlightening experience.

Save the date and secure your spot now:

Join us on this journey as we work towards refining the procurement processes in the public healthcare sector, ensuring every decision made has the patient's best interest at heart.

Not our member yet? Register for free at and join a community of Procurement professionals in Africa. Join us to learn, network and grow.


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